Sunday, January 11, 2009

Protest One-sided US Senate and House Resolutions in Support of Israel

Just Foreign Policy has on its webpage (click title) an action alert encouraging citizens to call their senators and representatives protesting S Resolution 10 (voice vote on January 8, 2009) and H Resolution 39 (voted 390-5 on January 9, 2009).

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  1. Michael Palumbo says in his book The Palestinian Catastrophe (1987):'No widely circulated non-Zionist account of 1948 has appeared in English. In the United States no major company would dare to publish an honest history of the expulsion of the Palestinians since such a book would quickly be forced out of circulation by the powerful Zionist lobby. There is in fact a double standard in both Britain and America since books which deal with Arab 'terrorism' are usually published without protest but someone who writes a book about Zionist atrocities against Palestinians is accused of being 'anti Semitic'.. What concerns Zionist propagandists most is not what Israelis think about 1948 but what the British and even more importantly what the American public is told about the exodus of the Palestinians.. It is of course unthinkable that Hollywood could ever produce an honest film about 1948. An accurate account of the Palestinian exodus is not permitted even in a documentary on American TV.. The Zionist version of 1948 is constantly being portrayed in English-language books, magazines and newspaper articles as well as in movies and TV programs that are seen by tens of millions of people..'